TrimeX WMS (473 ML)

TrimeX WMS (473 ML)

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To maintain your ideal weight and to feel good, you have to move and live actively. TrimeX is an excellent nutritional supplement whose active components help us to achieve healthy body weight and a pleasant figure. It is recommended to active people because its effects are best shown in combination with body movement.


The TrimeX is a liquid supplement to the bodyweight lowering diet supplement that, among other things, contributes to achieving or maintaining ideal body weight with its amino acid complex, patented antioxidant blend and chrome.

The amino acids protect the muscles from weight loss, they contribute to their development.

In the patented mixture, the powerful antioxidants support the organism, the Hidroxy citrate (HCA) derived from the plant Garcinia cambogia prevents the conversion of the ingested food to fat. You can also succeed with an active lifestyle, adequate nutrition and TrimeX!

Who and why do we recommend it?

  • Those who, in addition to an active and healthy lifestyle and food, are a natural aid to keeping the body weight-lowering diet,
  • to increase the metabolism,
  • to change the way of life, to facilitate the change.

7 reasons why it is worth choosing products CaliVita:

CaliVita has been offering products of the highest quality for more than 20 years with an excellent background.

We always strive to use natural ingredients from the best sources.

We work in our developments with better absorbable z. B. organic forms.

We provide a 100% quality guarantee for our products.

Our products are tested in a strict, multiple process to ensure the excellent quality constantly.

The majority of our dietary supplements are manufactured in the US under pharma-industrial circumstances.

They are manufactured according to the strict quality management and quality inspection guidelines of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), as well as the ongoing FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) inspection and also periodic review. We also work in close contact with the local licensing authorities so that our consumers receive the best products.

Did you know that being overweight can have a negative effect on the heart, blood vessels, joints, hormones, sexual activity, fertility and mood?

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Dissolve 1 teaspoon per day in 2.5 dl water, 3 hours after the last meal


Das Erzeugnis ergänzt nicht die angemessene Körpergewicht senkende Nahrung, die Bewegung sowie die notwendige Änderung in der Lebensweise. Von Kindern fernhalten. Übersteigen Sie die tägliche Dosis nicht. Diejenigen, die an Phenylanalin Stoffwechselstörung (PKU) leiden, sollen ihren behandelnden Arzt konsultieren.

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Siehe Zusammensetzung:

Trimex WMS Wirkstoffe/15 ml:

Manganese 2.5 mg

Chrom 120.0 mcg

Protein Mischung 3000.0 mg

(from hydrolyzed collagen) Typical Profile: L-alanine, L-arginine,

L-aspartic acid, L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid, L-glycine, L-histidine,

L-hydroxylysine, Lhydroxyproline, L-isoleucine, L-leucine, L-lysine,

L-methionine, L-phenylalanine, L-proline, L-serine, L-threonine,

L-triptophan, L-tyrosine, L-valine

Patentierte Mischung 500.0 mg

Grapefruit seed extract, aloe vera phytogel, evening primrose oil extract,

BioCitrin-KTM [(-) hydroxycitrate extract of Garcinia cambogia],

Green tea extract (90% total polyphenols, 65% catechins)

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